Active Power is a result of the partnership between ACTIVE THINGS and EVCE POWER to meet the management and maintenance needs related to Electric Mobility.


Provide charging electric vehicles to your customers with the highest convenience. In a Simple and Practical way, reuse the room access RFID cards to use the electrical chargers and have the checkout always up to date.


ActivePower actively manages the electrical loads, allowing to monetize the costs of Infrastructure and Operation. Automatically receive reports of individual energy expenditures per condo owner with postpaid cards or opt for prepaid cards for the least administrative effort. Choose an easy-to-use solution that adds value to your activity and allows you to optimize resources with the lowest risk

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Electric Vehicle Fleets

ActivePower enables intelligent management of electric charging by balancing the various power sources available with the charging policies tailored to your company’s needs, as well as the role of the cundutor and fleet of vehicles.

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Shopping Centers and Parks

Monetize parking spaces with electric chargers and manage permissions and consumption of all your customers at one point.
The “customer cards” integration into ActivePower enables new business models, greater convenience and global ease of use.

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Smart Cities

ActivePower is fully aligned to the challenges of Electrical Mobility. It allows autonomous and intelligent management of electric vehicle charging, monitoring of all the activity of the network of chargers and the online acess from any mobile device, being the ideal tool for the use of resources in a more sustainable way.


It’s a cloud-based application from ActiveThings, for the intelligent management of electric vehicle charging. With multiprofile access, allows managers the easily and intuitively control the consumption of users and equipments, and allows conductors to monitor their shipments in real time and manage their consumption and payments…

ActivePower services for communication and management of EVs loaders support several versions of the OCPP protocol. All chargers compatible with this protocol that allow RFID card reading can be integrated into a network managed by ActivePower.

ActivePower integrates with all chargers that implement OCPP communications and RFID card reading. All chargers compatible with this protocol can be integrated into a network managed by ActivePower.

Drivers / users will have personal identification RFID cards, cards that can operate on a pre-payment or post-payment basis.

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